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Server Rules:
1. English Only.
2. Same clan same side -SD- always bravo.
3. Be nice & play fair.
4. Racist Remarks/Admin abuse = Ban
5. If u want to discuss your ban/kick or report admin abuse go to or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6. We kick smart Asses just for our fun!!!Respect Us!!!
7. If teams are unbalanced we can swap or kick to make team more even!!!
8. any violations of our rules are punishable by a 60 min kick. If you do this more then once you might get banned.
9. Cheaters ini changers or macro users will be banned.
10 No M24 on Innerhospital Or BDX Maps.
11. Bug using of any kind will get you banned.
12.No excessive spamming of the crouch button
13.Jumping and shooting not allowed
14.No recruiting or advertising of any kind, ONLY allowed for-SD-
15.-15.-Using Crosshair X or any other form of aimpoint that is not an in game feature will get you banned.
AND ALL PLEASE REMEMBER WE PAY, WE PLAY, WE MAKE THE RULES if you don't like them play somewhere else