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Hello Soldier
Nice you are interested to join the -SD-Souldefenders
How to join -SD- Clan ?
Please read Membership Rules below first before apply below the page
(You need to read and agree if you want to apply)


✪ - You must be 18+ and must have played on -SD- server for at least 3 weeks before applying for membership.
✪ - The only exception we make to 18+ rule is family members wanting to join.
✪ - You must have No history with cheats (your gaming account will be checked! Account must be Clean)
✪ - From the moment your recruitment application is accepted you can add our tag but you must have the 'r' for recruit added Example -SDr-
✪ - When you have been in the clan for some time and we have gotten to know you and you us one of our founders or Admins,
✪ - will put in a vote for all the members to vote whether you should be a full member or not.(majority of votes is needed to join)

 Member Rules:

✪ - All members must use -SD- tag On website ingame on teamspeak and steam,
if you removed your tag without notifying a founder or senior admin as to why you have removed it then we will take it you have left -SD- clan,
and your rights on website also teamspeak and your name protection will all be removed.
✪ - Must be willing to check website/forum at least 2 times per week to keep up with news.
✪ - Must always be on teamspeak when playing game and on our server.
✪ - Do not accuse a player of cheating using in-game chat unless you have 100% proof first.
✪ - If a player calls you a bad name just report him to a admin/founder they will deal with it please don't make it
a name calling contest if you look bad we all look bad.

✪ - If a member is caught using macro or any kind of hacks or ini changes they will be removed from not only the clan
they will be removed from website and teamspeak also their name will be added to Hall of Shame and reported to
-ACI-and removed from any other server streaming to these anti cheat organisations.
✪ - If possible!!! All our members should wear our tag in all games.
post your variation of our tag and for what game it is in the forum.
✪ - If there is already a member playing that game with our tag use what he uses so we all have uniform names in all games.
✪ - Behave yourself on all servers TS and game.
✪ - Respect all gamestyles. No complaining of rushers or campers AT ALL.
✪ - Do not discriminate or insult players.
✪ - Follow the clan rules.
✪ - By misuse of admin powers you will lose them for a month. And you still need to pay or you will become "Member" Founders decide!!!
✪ - If you are insulted by other players you can speak your mind but remember you are the face of this clan, if you look bad we all look bad
✪ - So please don't make it a name calling contest .
✪ - If a member breaks the rules the founders and senior admins will decide what to do.
(we are a group of friends so it will never be our intention to kick people but to make a clan work and run smoothly we need
people to follow our rules)

✪ - Since we are a MULTIGAMING CLAN we do NOT allow our members to be in any other clan.
✪ - You cannot recruit members or allow a player to add our tag without them filling in our recruitment form,
for instance if you are playing a game and your friend is playing it with you,
you cannot just tell him he can add our tags. He/she must first apply to join -SD- through the right channels......

✪ - If a member leaves and joins another clan even if it is for a few weeks they have to go through recruitment again including the full member vote.
✪ - If a member leaves and comes back after 12 months then they have to go through recruitment again including vote.
✪ - If a member leaves and its less than 12 months and have not joined another clan then they can just re add -SD- tags after speaking with a founder.

✪ - If a member leaves or is removed from the clan 2 times he/she cannot rejoin the clan again.


Voting Rules Forum:

✪ - All decisions in our clan are made by the majority of votes.
✪ - Any idea made by any member is put up in the forum as poll for founders and admins to vote on.
✪ - A forum vote lasts exactly 5 days. If your too late sorry!
✪ - This clan will always have a:
- Teamspeak Server
- FPS Game Server
- Website
✪ - So any ideas to change this will not be put up for a vote.
✪ - If the idea is a threat to our clan the founders hold the right to not put that idea up for a vote
majority of founders is needed to decide this.
✪ - Only founders and admins can create a vote in the forum.
✪ - Members of -SD- can suggest a rule change. This will be put to a vote.
✪ - Members and admins can never put up a vote to remove a Founder.
✪ - Members and admins can never put up a vote to change server providers.
✪ - Founders Senior Admins and Admins can put up a vote to ban a player or clan
✪ - The vote will run for 5 days if the vote is a tie then its down to founders and Senior admins
and a vote will be added in Founders Senior Admin forum.
✪ - In the unlikely event its still tied the founders will have final say.
Of course there will have to be good reason for a ban.

 Server Rules: 

 1. English Only.
 2. Same clan same side -SD- always bravo.
 3. Be nice & play fair.
 4. Racist Remarks/Admin abuse = Ban
 5. If u want to discuss your ban/kick contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 6. We kick smart Asses just for our fun!!!Respect Us!!!
 7. If teams are unbalanced we can swap to make team more even!!!
 8. any violations of our rules are punishable by a 60 min kick. If you do this more then once you might get banned.
 9. Cheaters ini changers or macro users will be banned.
10. No M24 on Innerhospital or BDX Maps.
11. Bug using of any kind will get you banned.
12. No excessive spamming of the crouch button
13. Jumping then shooting not allowed
14. No recruiting or advertising of any kind, ONLY allowed for-SD-
AND ALL PLEASE REMEMBER WE PAY, WE PLAY, WE MAKE THE RULES if you don't like them play somewhere else



 Want to become a Server Admin?


You can only be considered for a admin position in -SD- if you meet the following conditions.

1. You have been in the clan for more than 1 year..
2. You are a member of ACI
3. You are familiar with doing back ground checks on players..
4. You are familiar with Screenshots and how to spot a hack.
5. You are mature enough to take this role seriously and follow all the rules of -SD- to the letter.
6. If you fill all 5 requirements there will be a vote in admin forum if vote is successful you will be given admin status.

- All admins pay £5 a month in 3 month period
On that date the money should be at -SD-Highlander so wire it at least 7 days in advance please or use
the Donation module on front page.

-SD-Highlander is our financial money man

- A monthly status of our clans financial status will be posted in the forum by -SD-Highlander .
- Try to be on time with your payments. We need to send this money to server provider and they will not accept us being late.
- If you want to be a paying member(Admin) contact a founder/admin.
- If you want to donate contact -SD-Highlander.
- If by any chance we run out of money or we are too late with money transfers we will lose our game server first.
- If you cannot afford to pay one month for any reason please inform a founder or -SD-Highlander



Want to be a member of -SD- Souldefenders? Please copy recruitment form bellow and  Apply Here! 

✪ Age:*
✪ Gender:*
✪ Where you from? (Country):*
✪ In-Game Name:*
✪ Steam user name or add your Steam Account Link:*
✪ Do you have a microphone?:*
✪ Do you have TeamSpeak 3?:*
✪ Have you been in a clan before?:*
✪ How many times do you play a week?:*
✪ What time of the day do you play?:*
✪ Are you willing to follow our rules?:*
✪ Have you ever been banned from any FPS game?:*
✪ Must be willing to check website/forum at least 2 times per week to keep up with news:*
✪ Tell us something about yourself:*

Have fun and enjoy your stay with the -SD-SoulDefenders