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13:35-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: ts
13:33-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I have been saying this for so long i believe it now how old are you 13 ?
13:25-- -SD-Bossie: Hahah Thank you Delly. You have a special and confusing way of counting age :P
11:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Happy 9th Birthday bossie :D :D :D :D :D :D
13:12-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Made it smaller :D
12:47-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
20:35-- -SD-Zatara: Happy Birthday
16:38-- -SD-Ral_6031: Happy B'day Ghostdog
21:26-- -SD-$cRuMpF: Happy Bday ghostdog :)
13:59-- -SD-ghostdog: Thanks… :-*
12:41-- -SD-Bossie: Happy Birthday Ghostdog!
12:25-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Happy Birthday -SD-ghostdog :D :D :D
11:13-- -SD-Ebbes: Happy Birthday ghosting
14:30-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
10:01-- -SD-Dorr: Well I see that the SS's have Migrated. Tks
1:08-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
15:10-- -SD-Bossie: Welcome back :)
14:57-- -SD-Dorr: I have returned to FL, I'll be back on-line tomorrow.
12:37-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
10:02-- -SD-Highlander: Thx pal
0:41-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Done
0:38-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: No
17:36-- -SD-Highlander: Delton I deleted the clan finances 2023 by mistake.. can you relist it... pretty please
12:15-- -SD-Thomas_V: Thanks. I was busy with work and life. I just got back home, as I haven't been much home since end of May. :_( Hopefully rest of the year won't be so busy...
14:21-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Welcome back where have you been ?
10:33-- -SD-Karma: hello thomas
9:22-- -SD-Thomas_V: Hello, hello, hello.
14:34-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Well I can solve that easily
12:32-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Its fine for me its you
19:11-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Please delete ss's as the pathetic tcadmin will not work even though I have deleted all the cookies and even tried a different browser. It's about time they fixed this.
20:03-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Grandma was slow but she was old
16:58-- -SD-Highlander: Nearl6 there chaps….. hoping to be back on line by the end of the month….???????
11:58-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Internet down again :(
12:59-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
11:32-- -SD-Dorr: I will be on "Holiday" starting Tuesday, 8-1 Thru 8-13. PLZ help out with the SS's guys. Tks
11:28-- -SD-Dorr: Tks for cking SS's
13:06-- -SD-Dorr: Watch Yur Heart Rate! Steam can kill ya!
12:58-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: For how long?
12:54-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Steam Bossie
12:58-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
10:54-- -SD-Dorr: Tks for cking SS's
14:01-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Internet down not sure when it will be fixed
13:25-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Can one of you send me a message on steam just for a test
19:16-- -SD-Dorr: I'll send you a Private MSG
17:06-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I don't see anything m8 give link
16:16-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: What was posted in ACI?
16:15-- -SD-Dorr: What was posted in ACI
13:16-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Take a peak at what m8
11:49-- -SD-Dorr: Got yur Pvt Msg, Went to ACI,,,Somthing is wrong there, Take a peak.
11:31-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
11:25-- -SD-Dorr: Tku for reviewing the SS's
12:38-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: All fixed the problem was second hard drive took it out and all working fine :D
11:05-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
10:39-- -SD-Dorr: Yks for Doin SS's
17:20-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: It was all good until the update
17:15-- -SD-Karma: sounds like your hard drive corrupt
16:23-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Tried to get it into safe mode but win 10 don't give you that option at start up
16:21-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: No just the restart
16:17-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Right now it's on preparing automatic repair but been on that a while and nothing happening
16:13-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Anyone on ts have any info on how to fix
16:10-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: 10 restarts and goes back to same
16:08-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Well if you are sure it is stuck try restarting and see what happens
14:55-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Did update for win 10 and stuck on 94% anyone know how to fix
10:55-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Ian D. Operator
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience and the extremely late response time. This should now be resolved.

Ian D.
Head of Operations
End of Reality LLC
10:43-- -SD-Dorr: Handled, On It, Completed. Tks
4:03-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: TCADMIN is back up
13:32-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Still no answer to ticket
13:22-- -SD-Dorr: Wrking on Getting Access to TC Admin
17:06-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Safari is for girls fits nice with you :D :D :D
16:06-- -SD-Highlander: Safari not working though…
16:03-- -SD-Highlander: Chrome still working …… wohoooo
13:37-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I have removed forum login so please try now
13:34-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I have searched most Joomla forums and cannot find anything but i will keep looking.
13:32-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Stick with chrome and i will remove forum login that may be causing a conflict.
11:35-- -SD-Highlander: Just tried chrome and seems to be working…..
11:28-- -SD-Highlander: Didn’t work…. Closed browser (safari) came back and again had to log in
11:27-- -SD-Highlander: I’ve tried logging in on forum.. will let you know how it goes
11:22-- -SD-Highlander: If I’m logged in and I open another page for our forum I need to log in again even though I’m already logged in on other page
11:20-- -SD-Highlander: It is this site pal…. Who else is only logging in on iPad?
11:18-- -SD-Highlander: I log in on main page.. is that not correct?
11:17-- -SD-Highlander: Delete all cookies….had to log back in to google etc etc… back here and had to log in twice already today…
10:48-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: did you try the login on forum ?
10:45-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Highlander there can be no fix because there is nothing wrong this side m8 everyone i ask says they have no problem so it must be on your end please clear cookies.
10:31-- -SD-Dorr: Unable to log into TC Admin for removal of SS's. Plz Delete. I get a fix layer on, Tks.
8:17-- -SD-Highlander: Having to sign in every time now…. Getting bored of that. If no fix available then I’ll just pop in now and then rather than daily…. Cheers guys
21:28-- -SD-Highlander: Give me a break Wullie… I’m not that dumb lol
13:23-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: it should have been removed a long time ago
13:23-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Try it now
13:21-- -SD-$cRuMpF: No please, the redirect works fine, the UK doesnt. (at least for me)
13:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Maybe it time to turn off the redirect and see if that changes anything
13:08-- -SD-$cRuMpF: i have problems when using the .uk page straight away, i allways use the .com website adres to redirect me to .uk and then i ve no problems.
11:51-- -SD-Dorr: I hv NP's.
9:04-- -SD-Karma: Highlander make sure you tick the box before putting password in
6:02-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: I don't.
1:28-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: There is only one setting for keeping you logged in m8 System - Remember Me and that is enabled so not sure why you have this problem but i would like to hear if anyone else has the same problem.
1:19-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Is anyone else having this problem ?
1:18-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Have you ticked the box to stay logged in i have tab 8 and have no problems also my phone stays logged in.
19:26-- -SD-Highlander: Hi bud it’s on my ipad… every other site no issues. Defo this site that has something different happening. I’ve never cleaned cookies ever…. So why do I need to now?
16:51-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Or you may have some setting on that logs you out when you leave.
16:50-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: On computer and tab i have no problem clean your cookies.
16:00-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Nothing changed here
14:50-- -SD-Highlander: Having to log in every new day I join site Deli. Something changed again…. Been doing it for just over a week now.. any ideas pal?
14:47-- -SD-Highlander: Yes Dorr every month
13:46-- -SD-Dorr: Are we as a clan still making regular Donations to ACI?
13:44-- -SD-Ral_7013: Thank you all!
11:44-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: :D
10:55-- -SD-Dorr: Tks for cking SS's
10:38-- -SD-ghostdog: Sorry for also being late RAL 7013... Happy belated birthday!
8:28-- -SD-$cRuMpF: a bit late, but happy birthday RAL_7013
11:43-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Happy 10th Birthday Ral-7013 :D :D
10:46-- -SD-Ral_6031: Happy Birthday son
10:43-- -SD-Diggory: Happy Birthday Ral-7013
9:49-- -SD-Dorr: Have a Happy B-Day!
9:11-- -SD-Karma: have a good one ral-7013
6:35-- -SD-Ebbes: Happy Birthday brother :P
17:28-- -SD-Zatara: Happy Birthday Ral_7013 :-*
10:41-- -SD-Dorr: Tks for cking SS's
13:33-- -SD-CrashO: Happy "we got rid of the Britts because we hate TAX" day fellas :D
11:03-- -SD-Dorr: Happy "Independence Day!" Joe
9:09-- -SD-Zatara: Nice!

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