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2:14-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: ss done and deleted.
12:35-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Yes.
10:50-- -SD-Dorr: BTW: Tks for reviewing and Deleting SS's
10:49-- -SD-Dorr: Mornin Peaceful! Did you know that in 1666, Sept 2nd I Believe, that Bakery caught fire in London.
12:05-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: yw
10:57-- -SD-Dorr: Tks for Ck'in and Deleting SS's
2:28-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: New Important links added to the left column please all read them as they have been updated.
12:23-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: I am good m8 nice to have you back :D
19:13-- -SD-Zatara: Great! Nice to be back! How are you?
17:39-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Hello Zatara how are you old man
15:30-- -SD-Dorr: No Server, restarted, still missing.
11:25-- -SD-Dorr: I was going through the process I now use and found a setting that might be hatter to have set to 24Hrs. Seemed to work btr
17:48-- -SD-Ral_6031: sounds like a big move. Make sure you have good internet connection where you move to. Oh, I forgot, it's not Germany, so most likely you gonna have 500Mbits all around.
15:15-- -SD-Dorr: TKU
13:42-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: deleted
13:00-- -SD-Dorr: Plz Delete
12:57-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: Get a good laptop and you can play before you go :D
11:32-- -SD-$cRuMpF: Good to hear that Highlander, we offcourse miss your presence, but i am not there alot myself. All the best gathering all the stuff and the move to Spain.
10:03-- -SD-Thetaxman: Good.And now you support Spain team? :D
9:17-- -SD-Highlander: Hola peeps…. Hope you not missing me too much. I move to Spain on the *10th January so hoping to be back on line mid to late January. Living in suitcases just now :)
11:17-- -SD-Dorr: Tku
2:36-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: 566 screenshots checked and deleted
12:32-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Deleted
11:49-- -SD-Dorr: My Method Failed. Plz Delete. BTW: I wish to wish all to be Thankful for all of the things you hold valuable.
12:16-- -SD-Dorr: I have developed a method for me to use, each time I wish to Delete SS's. Day two has wrked, so Hoooorah. BTW: I thought it was a great game. I hv other issues with the officiating. Go USA
18:52-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Good job rebourne :)
18:35-- -SD-Dorr: Eye Dr has Cleared me,,"Good To Go!"
14:04-- -SD-Dorr: TkU
9:50-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: ss's have been checked
12:24-- -SD-Dorr: Nvr Mind, I got it to wrk this time.
11:55-- -SD-Dorr: Again,,,Plz Delete, Tks
14:53-- -SD-DELTON-ACI-: hacker
11:06-- -SD-Dorr: Now it says that my IP has been banned. Geeeez
13:50-- -SD-Dorr: I've tried Google and Edge, Both are the same. Every once in a while I can get it to go, after clearing the Cookies, but not consistantly.
12:56-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Deleted
12:55-- -SD-Peacefulfury-ACI: Have you tried using a different browser?

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